How to Store Gasoline: According to the API

Tips for Storing GasGasoline is a substantial source of energy for many of the machines we operate. From lawn mowers to cars, if you have a house and a garage, you’ll probably have gasoline stored somewhere. Follow these tips from the American Petroleum Institute (API) to ensure you efficiently and cautiously store gasoline.

For Specific Standards and Regulations

Standards and regulations on gasoline storage are established by your local and state governments. The first place you should look, for specific information on gasoline storage, is your local and state governments.


First of all, gasoline should be stored in a container specifically designed and approved for gasoline storage. These containers generally air-lock gasoline fumes and prevent leaks and saturation. Store gasoline in a shed or another “building separate from the house or place of occupancy.”


Don’t store gasoline in direct sunlight, near potential sources of heat (like water heaters, furnaces, etc.), and “at least 50 feet away from ignition sources.” The API notes that “gasoline vapors are heavier than air and can travel along the floor to ignition sources.”

Follow these two tips to store gasoline effectively!

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