Packing & Moving Supplies

Make storing and moving easy by picking up boxes, locks, and other moving supplies from Infinite Self Storage. From packing material to bubble wrap, from tape to wardrobe boxes, our self storage is a one-stop shop for all your storing and moving needs! Our professional management staff is trained to specifically assist you with determining the correct storage equipment for your storage needs. We’re here to help, and we’re looking forward to working with you!

Packing Tape

Box It Up


Books and silverware, bowls and pictures: imagine moving without boxes. You’ll probably burn more calories. But there will always be more things to carry. We have your back. Come by and purchase boxes for anything, even your wardrobe.

  • Wardrobe Boxes

    Ensure your clothes stay wrinkle free when you store them in wardrobe boxes. Make moving easy by transferring your clothes from your closet hanger to the box hanger.

  • File Boxes

    Store entire archives and photo albums without snatching much floor space by using our file boxes made for stacking.

  • TV Cartons

    Trust us, you’ll feel better about transporting that 60” TV when it’s in a TV carton.

  • Dish Cartons

    Maintain organization of your dishes when they’re in storage by packing your dishes in dish cartons.

Wrap It Up

  • Bubble Wrap

    Protect your valuables  from scratches by wrapping them in bubble wrap.

  • Peanut Packing Material

    Store your fragile items with packing peanut material. These styrofoam packing peanuts are designed to interlock when packed in compressed spaces, preventing objects from shifting when moved.

  • Kraft Paper

    Wrap heavier items in kraft paper, a tear-resistant material designed to protect heavy objects from scratches.

Bubble Wraps & Fillers

We know, that trophy still holds sentimental value. It looks golden, but it’s definitely plastic. Keep it scratch free with our packing supplies. You might want the bubble wrap for this one. And throwing in hundreds of peanut packing materials won’t just protect your more fragile items. It’ll also make opening them really fun.

Lock It Up

Heavy Duty Locks

The security of heavy duty locks are placed in your hands at Infinite Self Storage. For $9.99, you are the only person with a key to your storage unit.

  • Heavy Duty Keyed Padlocks

    Each of these locks are manufactured specifically for our storage unit doors. So you’ll know you have the best lock for your storage unit.

  • Heavy Duty Padlocks

    These locks sit flush with storage doors so they cannot be cut. Our heavy duty padlocks are the highest level lock security Infinite Self Storage provides.

Cover It Up

  • Mattress Bags

    Pick up mattress bags for your king, queen, double, and single beds, and prevent dust and moisture from accumulating inside your mattress.

  • Furniture Covers

    Protect all of your furniture from dirt and moisture with our furniture covers.

  • Plastic Sheeting

    If you’re especially worried about your furniture, plastic sheeting will heavy duty protection from dust and moisture.

Protective Covers

Think your ten year old mattress is heavy? Imagine all the dust mites it would gain in storage, without protective casing. But don’t worry, Infinite Self Storage has you covered with a selection of sheets, covers, and bags, for all your furniture. And if you’re extremely worried about moisture and dust, we also sell plastic sheeting. Rest assured, you’ll have everything you need for your furniture.

Pack It Up

Other Packing Supplies

It’s like the holiday season: you’re gathered around with family. You’re about to wrap gifts. The boxes, scissors, and wrapping paper sit side-by-side. But you forgot the tape. We won’t let this happen to you: purchase everything together, even the wrapping paper, from Infinite Self Storage. You’ll especially enjoy how stackable boxes are when they’re taped correctly.

  • Tape

    Purchase either clear or brown tape to fasten and seal boxes or add an extra layer of security to our protective covers.

  • Wrapping Paper

    For picture frames and dishes, our wrapping paper is perfect for glassware.

  • Other Misc Items

    Make sure to stop by our location and see what other packing supplies we have to offer in order to make your experience as smooth as possible.